Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about CEU Plan? (Show Sections...)

We would like to invite you to visit our website at: an online training organization for professionals within the water and wastewater treatment field and environmental professionals. Currently, we offer continuing education for the following fields:

DW -  Drinking Water Operators
DS -   Distribution Systems
WW -  Wastewater Operators
CS -   Collection Systems
WD -  Well Drillers
PE -    Professional Engineers involved in Water & Wastewater
NC -   Non credit for trainees
IW -    Industrial Wastewater
LA -    Lab Analyst
OW -  Onsite Wastewater
EH -   Environmental Health
CEU Plan offers a full range of training courses for CEU or PDH license renewal requirements. Our instructors are highly experienced individuals with over 1,500 years of combined experience within the water, wastewater, and environmental health fields.
We would like to invite you to visit our “Getting Started” and "How to Take a Course" tutorial located on your state page. This introduction will explain how to enroll in a course, what your student page will look like, and how to take a course. Link:
I’m sure you will find this very helpful, especially if you are taking courses online for the first time.
After you have completed your courses, you may print your Certificate of Completion; to submit with your license renewal application. Should the State contact us, we will certify your certificate of completion for them.
My Account History located on your student page, click My Account History which will provide you with a receipt for your courses and a historical record of all courses that you have enrolled in on what date and time.
Should you have any continued problems, please let us know. Click the Technical Support button and submit a technical support form which we will take care of, for you promptly.
And lastly, should you be double licensed and require CEU’s for both licenses, please remember you must have a separate folder for your DW license courses and one for your WW license courses, since they are reported separately for your CEU credits to be applied for renewal. We cannot forward the same course credits for both licenses; th
I do not have a license, but I would like to take some of your courses? (Show Sections...)

We would like to invite you to visit our website and select any of our courses for your personal information and knowledge. We have developed a field called NC referring to non credit for any of our training courses, whether for water or wastewater. The NC field will allow you to select any of our courses for studies or pleasure concerning water or wastewater treatment and operations. Our complete series of maintenance, collection, and distribution courses are included in the field. By registering under the NC field, you minimize any error related to license numbers or types during the registration and certification steps of our training program.

I think you will enjoy our program. Our courses have been developed by highly experienced individuals within the water and wastewater treatment field with over 600 years of combined experience within our Instructor Group. Our courses have been created for individuals interested in learning more about the field, studying to become an operator, and others. Our courses are practical and commonsense implied to better assist you in troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, operations, and monitoring.
Here are some helpful steps to enroll:
1.            Go to:

2.            Click your state or select the State of Florida

3.            followed by clicking “NC” field

4.            Search any course, finding any course of interest; click the course title for an introductive summary.

5.            click the Enroll box for any course of interest and follow the normal enrollment process.

6.            Where indicated on our course registration form, please create a couple of numbers, as your operator number; since our system requires a number pattern for your username – login.
We would like to invite you to visit our “Getting Started” tutorial located at the top of this page. This introduction will explain how to enroll in a course, what your student page will look like, and how to take a course. Link:
I’m sure you will find this very helpful, especially if you are taking courses
Do I have to have High Speed to take your courses? (Show Sections...)

Answer:  No, most courses contain text only and text with graphics which are easily accessible through dial-up internet connections.


To access the CEU Plan site, you will need Windows® XP or greater. For the best results, we recommend:
  • 17” or larger color monitor - 1024 X 768 resolution
  • Intel or AMD processor
  • 1 GB RAM or better
  • Cable or high speed internet connection
  • Printer (for printing courses at your option)
  • Windows Media Player 9 series (or higher)
CEU Plan’s dedicated servers are located in one of the largest data centers in the country, with huge fiber commitments with the following carriers, totaling over 3 gigs: UUNET, Time Warner, level 3, and EPiK. Our NOC has, currently, 3000 mbps and this number will soon be in excess of 4 gigs. In addition, our back-up capabilities include: Disaster recovery, Data and Database backup and restore, and an off-site tape vaulting. And lastly, we have a great working relations with our NOC to provide the highest degree of comfort in our continuing education program.
CEU Plan courses will run on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or Netscape Navigator/Communicator 6.x. CEU Plan courses do not utilize or support the AOL browser. Please check your browser version before entering the CEU Plan website. You can check your browser version by clicking the “Help” menu on your menu bar and clicking on “About”.
To download the most recent version of either browser, click Netscape Navigator/Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Your browser should be set to enable JavaScript. In Netscape, this is accomplished by clicking the “Edit” menu, clicking on “Preferences”, and then selecting “advanced”, and checking the “Enable JavaScript” check box.
In order to utilize our site’s capabilities, you will need:

 Macromedia Flash        Microsoft Windows Media Player         Adobe Acrobat

The plug-in's list above can be downloaded from the Requirements page (


How do I quickly locate and enroll in courses on the site? (Show Sections...)
From our home page, click the ENROLL button, select your state from the USA map, followed by selecting your license group, then View all Courses or By Category.
Should this be your first time experience with CEU Plan, we would like to invite you to visit our "How to Take a Course" and "Getting Started" tutorials located right below the ENROLL button on our home page.  These tutorials are short and video based, providing an orientation into our program, features available to you, and step-by-step on taking an online course. 
Thank You for your interest in CEU Plan.
How do I purchase courses? (Show Sections...)
  • We accept major Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • Prepaid Invoice via Company or Municipal check and below.
Course Payment Options:
Credit Card
CEU Plan collects personal information when you purchase online training courses, including your name, email address and credit card billing information. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards - only. We do not release the names of these operators or students information to any, other than the State Administrator overseeing the operator certification program for his or her licensed state. We may also ask for your telephone number so that we can contact you in the rare event that there is a major technical difficulty with the system or your student page.  A $ 5.00 processing fee is charge for the overall course enrollment.
Pay by Money Order or Check
You may pay for your course registration using a money order or cashier’s check denominated in United States dollars. If you choose to pay by money order, simply follow the following procedure:
  1. Make your money or cashier’s check payable to: CEU Plan in the full amount indicated for your courses and the processing fee - $25 manual fee.
  2. Include a printed copy of your course registration and course selection with your payment.
  3. Write your name and State on your money order.
  4. We are sorry, but failure to adhere to these order guidelines will result in return of your payment.
  5. Please mail your payment to:

    CEU Plan
    Post Office Box 10355
    Brooksville, Fl. 34603 

  6. Please note that it may take up to 10 days for your payment to be fully processed once we receive it. Expect an e-mail message to you, upon completion of the processing and activation of your courses. You will be informed by e-mail, make sure your e-mail address is inserted correctly.
  7. Any returned check, will result in forfeit of CEU credits and subject to a returned check fee of $25.00.
Many course registrations are refundable before the course begins; a refund fee may apply, in most cases $75 per transaction. Some discount courses are non-refundable once paid for. No course refund will be allowed, once the course has been started, completed and/or CEU credits have been applied to the operator. Course reservations are subject to the refund policies, even if actual course credits have not yet been issued. All refund request must be submitted in writing through a Technical Support form.  
I want to enroll with my credit card. What do I need to make sure it works? (Show Sections...)

 Make sure your mailing address and credit card match, for security purposes. When completing your course registration and submitting information for theCredit card payment section, make sure you insert the correct mailing address; you must include the mailing address where you receive your credit card statement. If you receive your credit card statement at your home address – then submit your home address on the credit card information page. Due to security reason, the bank will not approve your courses unless the correct information is provided.

After you have selected your courses and completed the information section, click only once! A $ 5.00 processing fee is charged for the overall course enrollment.  Should you double click, the approved for payment button, this causes the system to recognize both, as separate registrations and bill you twice for the same enrollment. 
Some ISP are slow to transmit your selections and information, but please rest assured its processing. CEU Plan is a totally secured site and as a reminder, check the lit’ padlock in the bottom right hand corner. All of our transactions include a 128-bit encryption to the banking system which protects both of us. Thus, proof read your entries and click the payment button only once!
I have looked at the “Getting Started” and "How to Take a Course" tutorials, but I’m still confused on how to enroll. Do you have a quick reference for enrolling in your courses? (Show Sections...)

Before you try to register again, here are a couple of helpful tips; please read below: You might want to print this page as a reference. 

When completing your course registration and submitting information for the credit card payment section, you must include the mailing address where you receive your credit card statement. IF you receive your credit card statement at your home address – then submit your home address on the credit card information page. Due to security reasons, the bank will not approve your course registration, unless the correct information is provided.
Quick Review of all Courses and Enrollment:
  1. Go to your state
  2. Select whether you are DW or WW (double license individual, see below statement)
  3. Click the View all Courses button
  4. Scroll down the list and see which courses you want to take
  5. When you see a course(s) that you want to take, click the little box on the right hand side (you can take all of the courses you want to take under the same registration, save the extra $5.00 processing fee – order all at the same time)
  6. Once you have selected all the courses you want to take, scroll to the bottom and click the ENROLL button.
  7. Complete the registration form, make sure to proofread your information and license number that is what will be reported to the State; make sure it is correct.
  8. The last page will be your credit card information, make sure you submit the correct credit card number, expiration date, and your address where you receive your credit card statement; if any of these three fields are not correct – the bank will decline your transaction. It is security reasons, which all fields are correct and match you, OR your registration will not process.
  9. When your registration has been approved, print your receipt; which has your login information; username and password.
How do I log into my student page and take my course? (Show Sections...)
Here’s a simple procedure to login to take your course, you might want to print this for future reference:
  1. Go to:
  2. Insert your username and password in the boxes 
  3. Click the login button 
  4. Allow the system to download your student page
  5. Now all of your courses are illustrated for you
  6. Pick the one that you want to study
  7. The last highlight section is where you have left-off.
  8. Click it to begin your course studies
  9. Remembering to complete all sections of the course and the Q & A’s in order to complete course, once the evaluation form has been submitted, the course completion will drop onto your My Transcript page.   
  10. Go to your My Transcript page, locate the course, then you may print your Certificate of Completion. 
Here are a few other helpful hints about CEU Plan:
We would like to invite you to visit our “Getting Started” and "How to Take a Course" tutorials located in the center of our home page. This introduction will explain how to enroll in a course, what your student page will look like, and how to take a course. Link:
I’m sure you will find this very helpful, especially if you are taking courses online for the first time.
I have taken courses from you before, Existing Student. How do I register? (Show Sections...)

 CEU Plan would like to maintain all of your records under existing student page for your reference and work. This prevents major errors that might occur from duplicate license numbers in the same state. 

Your existing login is:
We would like to assist you from creating any further student pages. This requires more time on you, to remember all of the different logins that you’ve created. Please follow our simple instructions and order any additional course(s) from your existing student page. If you would enroll for any additional course utilizing your existing student page, then all of your courses will be centralized under the same page, easy to find and easy to coordinate. 
I’m dual licensed and want to apply some courses to my water license and some to my wastewater license? (Show Sections...)
Register for your water courses under your water license and wastewater under your wastewater license. 
State Agencies approve courses with different course numbers and you, personally have different license numbers, thus we have made our course highly affordable so you can enroll in drinking water course credits under your DW or DS license number and wastewater course credits under your WW license number.  In some states, the DW division will not approve a WW course for cross-training, nor generic relevancy issues, same is true for the WW division; please review courses listed under your license category and type to make sure they are acceptable.  Please note:  CEU Plan does not mislead anyone - only courses approved by your state agency and whereas we have a letter of approval, will a course be activated under that license category and type.  We do not duplicate course credits, due to multiple issues listed above, some courses ARE NOT approved for both DW - WW license groups, and some state agencies will not allow dual credit for the same course. 
CEU Plan includes in our course pricing - the price of training course, instructor compensation, state required tracking and monitoring of your course progress over the duration of the training course, certificate of completion, and storage and validation to your state agency over a ten year time frame.
There is No exceptions to this policy, as we are govern by state agency rules across the country and IACET Standards.
How long do I have to take my course after I enroll? (Show Sections...)
Upon registration, you have two months to complete your training course.  At the end of the two month period, the course becomes inactive and requires a "re-activation"; a $ 25.00 re-activation (tech) fee, may apply.  This covers the cost of re-activation, tracking and monitoring, and reporting to your state agency.  Please make note, your state agency requires us to track and monitor your course progress, until the course is completed; even if you do not start or complete the course; CEU Plan is required to track each and every course during the activation period.  CEU Plan performs a manual check of each course on a bi-weekly time frame with monthly reports generated.  We report your course completions directly to your state agency to validate your certificate of completion and/or electronically uploading your course completions into the state database. 
Courses delinquent over eight months will not be re-activated and no refund, regardless of course status.  No carryover from previous licensing cycle is permitted, unless special exceptions have been made, prior to end of the previous cycle; written approval is required.  Special exceptions can be made, submit a tech support form for investigation.  Any exception must be in writing, no verbal exception will be given.
How much does it cost? (Show Sections...)
Starting at $13.95 for one hour courses (0.1 CEU’s) with a variety of different course formats and topics. Some courses are available with streaming - video based with slightly higher cost according to the bandwidth requirements.  Some states require a certificate which is included in the course cost.  A $ 5.00 processing fee is charged for the overall course enrollment.
Can I get a receipt so I may receive reimbursement from the County? (Show Sections...)
You will receive a confirmation and receipt after your course registration has been processed, assuming you provided a deliverable email address when signing up. In addition, on your student page – a folder “My Account History” will provide a history of all course enrollments and details available to print extra copies.
How do I receive my CEU’s? (Show Sections...)
After successfully completing your course, you will be issued a certificate of completion. Also, we forward a copy of your completion to the State for verification.
What if I’m taking a course and my chlorine alarm goes OFF, what do I do? (Show Sections...)
Take care of your alarm, turn your computer OFF, after things settle down and you’re ready to return to your course (next day, next week, i.e.) simply go to the Section of your course where you left off and re-take that Section; your previously completed Section(s) will be stored in the CEU Plan Memory until you can come back. Again, after completing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and the State will be informed.
Can I print the course and come back later to take my test? (Show Sections...)
Our courses are designed for online, and they are Read-Only files. The ability to download a PDF is available, as many courses include supplemental information which is printable.  We recommend that you print these files, as they go along with the course and allow you to take notes and save for future reference.
I like some of the longer courses, but I only want to take part of one now, what can I do? (Show Sections...)
Go ahead and complete as much of a course as you want. When you login at a later time you can pick up right where you left off.
How can I get another receipt? (Show Sections...)
Our systems includes a “My Account History” located on the student page You may click that button; it will illustrate all of your course registrations during this licensing period. You may print additional copies of your course receipt(s).
Recently, our administrative department upgraded our system to include this feature for all students of CEU Plan. Since some firewalls, blockers, and/or spam ware prevents us from performing our job automatically, we have installed “My Account History” to assist you with additional copies of your registrations and a historical record for course taken through CEU Plan.
I’ve finished the course, where’s my Certificate of Completion? (Show Sections...)
Please remember, after completing all course sections, click the evaluation form button and answer the short essay along with the course comment section, once this has been completed, a View icon will appear on your My Transcript tab of your student page for this particular course; simply click the View con and File – Print to print a copy of your course completion for your records. Later, you may return to My Transcripts to print an additional copy to submit with your license renewal application; should it be required in your state.
The requirement stated on the evaluation form is:
The following short essay is required to fulfill your course completion requirements, please complete the evaluation form and click the submit button below. List three things which you learned from this course, followed by a 10-15 word description of how it was used at your job.
How can I print my Certificate of Completion? (Show Sections...)
In order to print your certificate of completion, for your records, you must complete all of the course material and quizzes, complete and submit the evaluation form, and then the View icon will appear on your My Transcript tab of your student page for that particular course.
Please remember, after completing all course sections, click the evaluation form button and answer the short essay along with the course comment section, once this has been completed, a View icon will appear on your My Transcript tab of your student page for this particular course; simply click the View con and File – Print to print a copy of your course completion for your records. Later, you may return to My Transcripts to print an additional copy to submit with your license renewal application; should it be required in your state.
In most states, CEU Plan submits all completed courses to your state Operator Certification Program administrator. Either monthly or quarterly according to their requirement, we forward database report with all CEU credits for each course completed from students of CEU Plan. The certificate of completion is for your records.
I finished everything, and the icon for printing certificate does not appear? (Show Sections...)

According to some state Operator Certification Program regulations, you must obtain a 70% passing grade in order to complete this course. Our program is set-up to monitor and track your performance of the online training courses taken. We are required by the state to report your course completion and the date in which you complete the course. The criteria are the 70% passing grade and accumulative time spent on taking your online training course. 

Please return to your student page, select the course(s) “not completed” and review your previous quizzes. Should the accumulative grade not reflect 70% or higher, then you need to review the course material and re-take the quiz or quizzes until the overall accumulative grade meets the state requirements. We do not indicate which answer is correct or incorrect when you take the quizzes, since each quiz is random in question selection, and this concept requires you to evaluate your answer(s) to make the correct selection. 

Once you have achieved the minimum passing grade, then the system will provide the evaluation form for your completion, followed by printing of your certificate of completion. You must complete the evaluation form, before you can print your certificate of completion.
Is CEU Plan a secured site? (Show Sections...)
We utilize a SQL database storage system and our site is totally secured with a SSL 128-bit encryption directly to our e-commerce. This security process is done rapidly upon your approval for payment activation on our course registration form. The security process involves verification of the CEU Plan commerce, verification of the requesting person and their credit card information, along with verification that our domain is certified between the banking system receiving and transmitting the electronic payment for the training courses. CEU Plan has multiple registrations daily and must provide assurance to all operators that we do not store any credit card number or account, we do not sell and exchange any personal data, our books are totally open to any state agency, and honesty in our program to build upon.
Does CEU Plan have a Scam policy? Fraudulent e-mails and pop-ups? (Show Sections...)
CEU Plan is aware of fraudulent emails and pop-up Web pages. Online fraud is an industry-wide concern and CEU Plan, like most financial institutions and companies that conduct business on the Internet, has become the target of fraudulent email and Web site scams.
How CEU Plan Helps Protect Clients:
We are actively monitoring these incidents and have an aggressive process in place to identify the sources of online fraud. In addition, we have a comprehensive plan to educate our clients and employees about these scams. We are also working closely with law enforcement agencies, industry groups, and other institutions to help minimize the impact of these scams on the public and to prosecute scammers.
CEU Plan Client Commitment:
CEU Plan will never send emails asking clients to provide, update or verify personal or credit card account information, such as passwords, Social Security numbers, pins, credit or Check Card numbers, or other confidential information.
If you responded to a Suspicious Email or Pop-up Web site:
If you have provided personal or account information in response to a suspicious email or pop-up Web page, please contact a CEU Plan representative immediately by e-mailing any information to: or
In the future, if you receive unsolicited email or pop-up Web page requests for personal or account information, do not respond. Please forward information about suspicious communications to report: or
Disregard any e-mail address from such as:
Any and all e-mails except for:  or
Does CEU Plan have a Privacy Statement? (Show Sections...)
CEU Plan respects your privacy and we value the trust and confidence you place in us. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy online so that you can use our services in good faith and use as the place to fulfill all of your CEU credits – licensing requirements. This policy describes our commitment to your privacy and is effective on September 5, 2001. By using the site you understand and expressively agree to CEU’s Privacy Policy for the CEU Plan web site.
I sent a technical support form, but I have not heard back from your technical department? (Show Sections...)

CEU Plan will respond promptly to your technical support inquiry. Your firewall spam ware and/or ISP might be preventing us from doing our job for you!

CEU Plan sends automatically a confirmation to you of your course registration, in order to provide you with good service and login information to courses. When we receive an undeliverable, it is caused by your PC spam ware, firewall, and/or ISO preventing us from providing you with this helpful information. Please adjust your settings and PC to allow us to provide you with this information. To prevent this, add:  and to your address book in order for your course receipts, login information, and any technical support replies to be sent to you. 

Should you send a technical support request and we are unable to respond, promptly via e-mail, we are forced to mail it to you. This delays the response to you. Again, please adjust your settings and include us in your address book, to allow us to correspond and assist you during your course activities with us.


What type of technical support does CEU Plan provide? (Show Sections...)
CEU Plan Support form is the best technical support format which provides all of the information required to investigate your inquiry or problem. We need your name, e-mail address, phone number, what state, which course, description of your inquiry, and any general comment from you to assist in our investigation.
We pride ourselves in prompt response and assisting you. Make sure we are included in your address book:  and since our response will be electronically. We will forward an e-mail to you with our findings and solution to your inquiry. It is important to provide a correct and working e-mail address and proofreading your entries will allow for seamlessly response to you.  We do not want to have you On-Hold or waiting for extended periods of time, while we investigate or resolve your issue ...... thus our support form saves you time!
FAQ’s will address almost any topic or inquiry, you may have. With many years of developing our program, we have made major improvements to our program and FAQ’s to resolve the majority of your concerns. Please feel free to check them out.
System Requirements will highlight the basic requirements of your PC and system to take our online courses. This section will provide free downloads and plug-ins for any printing or viewing requirement, such as: Acrobat Reader, Windows Media Player, and Adobe Flash Player, formerly Macromedia. 
Manual Adjustment or Corrections Policy:
CEU Plan provides an affordable option for obtaining your continuing education requirements of your license renewal. It is understood; the student understands and knows how to utilize a computer based system, internet connections, and online course enrollment and e-commerce. Due to this understanding, CEU Plan is able to maintain affordable pricing for course registration for all students. Should the student misrepresent their understanding of simple computer operation, not proofread their entries, course selection, or incorrectly enter a license number, or any activity which not the fault of CEU Plan will be charged a technical fee to make correction to these errors. The basic manually tech fee is $25 per occurrence.
CEU Plan is please to provide our training program to you. With over 250 courses online for water and wastewater operations, we have built a total electronic system and automated to provide affordable training to all. From time to time, an additional requirement will be required to meet your tailored policy which we can assist in some cases. Our system functionality may require this activity or task to be performed manually. Our personnel will be pleased to assist, however the additional time involved with your tailored equipment must be reimbursed by you, since we do not want to penalize our other users with the specialized time you are requesting.
Academic honesty (Show Sections...)
Students are expected to be honest and ethical in their academic work. Many students do not understand what academic dishonesty is. It is important that you are familiar with its different forms so that you can maintain your integrity as a student.
Academic dishonesty includes altering or misusing documents; impersonating, misrepresenting, or knowingly providing false information as to one’s identity; providing false information regarding completion of course sections or quizzes.
Students are accountable for dishonest acts committed prior to and during enrollment with the CEU Plan. The term “students” includes quiz takers, prospective students and enrolled students. Students who engage in acts of academic dishonesty related to CEUPlan may be denied additional course registration or continued enrollment in courses and may be denied certification credits.
Copyright and trademark notice (Show Sections...)
Copyright © 2000-2014 CEU Plan, Incorporated. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.
CEU Plan is committed to the advancement and promotion of water and wastewater treatment plant operators, mechanics, plant and lab staff, and any interested in the improvements and preservation of the water and wastewater treatment field. To fulfill this mission, the content of this web site is dedicated to advancing our students, as well as the public, the technology, science, management, and government policies relative to the protection of nation’s water supply. CEU Plan must enforce the following restrictions with regard to the information provided on this website.
The content of this web site is published by CEU Plan, Incorporated and is protected by the copyright laws of the United States. No material appearing on this web site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any media (electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without prior written permission of the publisher.
To request permission to reproduce any copyrighted material from CEU Plan (in printed or electronic form); submit in writing the following information:
  • The source of the material to be reproduced – URL, file name, date of access.
  • A description of the material to be reproduced (e.g., entire document, excerpt, illustration)
  • The purpose for which the material is to be used and the audience – inclusion on another web site, in a new publication, in a marketing packet for potential clients, with classroom materials, etc. (Note: Rather than reproducing CEU plan material on another web site)
  • The quantity to be reproduced, if applicable.
The above information should be submitted to:
General Manager
CEU Plan, Incorporated
Post Office Box 10355
Brooksville, Fl. 34603
CEU Plan logo and all other CEU Plan products appearing for or referenced herein, and all related marks, logos, characters, designs, and trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of CEU Plan. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.