System Requirements


Our dedicated servers are located in one of the largest data centers in the country, with huge fiber commitments totaling over 11 Gbps of aggregate bandwidth. The main datacenter is housed in a 30,000 square foot facility with over 15,000 square feet of hosting space available.  The datacenter starts with multiple and diverse pipes into the Internet backbone.  They have connections ranging from OC-12s to Gigabit Ethernets to UUNet, Qwest, Level 3, Global Crossing and MCI carriers.  To handle multi-homed connections, they employ BGP4 routing through the CISCO edge routers to ensure a faster route for our Internet traffic.  Their dual layered network design with multiple routers and switches and independent network paths ensures that there are no single-point failures.  This allows our network to operate smoothly and with minimal translation interruptions.  

CEU Plan uses an industry-leading streaming video provider service dedicated cloud CDN for all video storage and retrieval and the download bandwidth is reported to be “unlimited” (not just our experience - in testing, no limitations can be found).  All videos are encoded at 720/30p H.264 for HTML5 support. There are no requirements for video plugins, though if you are using Ubuntu, you may have to add the ffmpeg codec for best uninterrupted playback.  For all other OS, the adaptive streaming is native and will optimize for your internet connection.  The multiple media servers automatically detect and adjust for device connection and location.  


CEU Plan courses will run on any device that can access the internet, but is tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer (v7.x+), Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, SRWare Iron, Android and Apple Safari browsers. Your browser should be set to accept cookies and any pop-up blocker must be turned off.


To access the CEU Plan site, you may use any desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet or mobile device capable of accessing the internet. For the best results, we recommend:

    1 GB RAM or better

    Cable or DSL internet connection

    Printer (for printing courses at your option)