CEU Plan Mission Statement

Water/Wastewater Treatment Online Continuing Education


Thank You for taking the time to learn more about CEU Plan, one of the nation's leading online training organizations. CEU Plan is a comprehensive online training program comprised of leading experts within the water and wastewater treatment industry. CEU Plan is one of the first accredited online training programs providing continuing education units (CEU's) to operators across the country via the internet.

The mission of CEU Plan is to provide water and wastewater treatment plant operators and supporting staff with the latest in emerging technologies, procedures, methods, and/or concepts; in order to enrich their knowledge and experience within the workplace and obtain required CEU's for license re-certification.

Our instructors include highly qualified individuals from across the country, thus providing a national networking experience. Each of our instructors have college or doctoral degrees, field experience in excess of twenty years, and available to share their real-world experiences with you through their course material. We invite you to visit our instructors link which illustrates their background and experience, ongoing research and development, and courses available for you.

Our program and courses are 100% internet based providing the operator (student) with the opportunity to concentrate on their courses at their convenience and available time. Unlike other training programs which require the student to drive to a school with overnight stay, find a replacement while you are in training, and take off time for a training seminar. CEU Plan provides a convenient, cost effective means of delivering course content while advancing the student understanding and knowledge of various industry topics. Each of our course categories continue to expand, offering a broad range of subjects and topics that allows the student the opportunity to select courses of interest in areas which the student want to improve.

CEU Plan has standardized seventeen categories to better serve each and every operator to include:

  • Alternate Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Backflow Prevention/Cross Connection Control
  • Basic Chemistry and Biology
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Computer Application for Water or Wastewater Treatment
  • Distribution and Collection Systems
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Government Rules and Procedures for Water or Wastewater Treatment
  • Health and Safety
  • Laboratory Practices & Sampling Procedures
  • Mathematics of the Treatment Process
  • Online Testing
  • Operation and Control of a Treatment Plant
  • Solids and Residuals
  • Supervision and Management
  • Toxic and Hazardous Materials Handling Procedures
  • Treatment Processes

CEU Plan has been developed with the operator in mind. It is our hopes of strengthening our program and role within the operator community. Our goals are to improve and engage in services to enhance you! We hope you will spend some time viewing our program and sharing our concept with others. I invite you to explore our web site and discover why CEU Plan is one of the top-ranked online training programs in the nation.

William W. Edgar
General Manager