Course Payment

Credit Card
CEU Plan collects personal information when you purchase online training courses, including your name, email address and credit card billing information. We accept VISA and MasterCard Credit Cards. We do not release the names of these operators or students information to any, other than the State Administrator overseeing the operator certification program for his or her licensed state. We may also ask for your telephone number so that we can contact you in the rare event that there is a major technical difficulty with the system or your student page.

Pay by Money Order or Check
You may pay for your course registration using a money order or cashier's check denominated in United States dollars. If you choose to pay by money order, simply follow the following procedure:
  1. Make your money or cashier's check payable to: CEU Plan in the full amount indicated for your courses and the processing fee. Note: There is a $25 manual processing fee.
  2. Include a printed copy of your course registration and course selection with your payment.
  3. Write your name and State on your money order.
  4. We are sorry, but failure to adhere to these order guidelines will result in return of your payment.
  5. Please mail your payment to:

    CEU Plan
    Post Office Box 10355
    Brooksville, FL 34603

  6. Please note that it may take up to 10 days for your payment to be fully processed once we receive it. Expect an e-mail message to you, upon completion of the processing and activation of your courses. You will be informed by e-mail, make sure your e-mail address is inserted correctly.
  7. Any returned check, will result in forfeit of ceu credits and subject to a returned check fee of $25.00.

Course Cancellation

Many course registrations are refundable before the course begins; a refund fee may apply, in most cases $10.00 per transaction. Some discount courses are non-refundable once paid for. No course refund will be allowed, once the course ceu credits have been applied to the operator. Course reservations are subject to the refund policies of the course plan used, even if actual course credits have not yet been issued. Identification is required for most refunds.