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CEU Plan provides affordable state approved online training solutions for the purpose of water, wastewater, environmental health, and engineering professional license renewal – recertification throughout the United States.

Sign Up with CEU Plan now. To begin, click on Your State below to view courses and license fields available in your area. If you are unable to view the map below, please view our System Requirements page to ensure you have met the minimum requirements. Or, proceed to our Qualified States page to select your State.

CEU Plan Hot Topics

On Demand Packages and Topics

CEU Plan offers courses and course packages on a variety of topics.

Employing the ISO 27001 Standard - Security Aspects for Utility Plants Checklist

This one-hour short course shows the use of the revised ISO 27001 standard – Cybersecurity for Information Management Security Systems dated October 2022 as a checklist or utility plants in their security planning.

Basic Operations

Basic Operations and Responsibilities for Water & Wastewater Operators is an 8-hour course series, consisting of a historical overview of the USEPA. Here, you will find resources to further your understanding of the regulatory assistance available to you. The four courses in this series have been designed to inform entry level employees, to orient the individual interested in a dual license course for new operators, and a refresher, detailing the progress of the water community.

Water Treatment Techniques series

Water is a necessity for life. Most water must be treated before it can be used or discharged. This is where we come in … we treat water. Instructor Jeff Pugh has remade his popular text-based Water Treatment Techniques courses into video format. Available as the separate 2-hour individual courses or together in a 10-hour package that includes all of the titles.

User Testimonials

  • Thank you for responding so quickly.....I would like to mention; the web site is excellent particularly for those that have a difficult time getting to day time classes. I have already recommended the site to a co-worker. Thanks again.

    Charlie Grace, California Water
  • I like the barebones aspect of the data given, Clear and to the Point!

    Michael Drawdy
  • I’m currently working on a treatment plant project in China and internet connection available to me is very slow, great program and helps me renew my Operators License, while overseas……… …

    Omar in Guangdong, China
  • I plan on utilizing the site in the future, have recommended it to others, as it was recommend to me……………..

    James Scyphers
  • Thank You. I think your program is quite excellent and a great learning tool for the operator. This program allows me to do it a home. I have a family and it is very hard to schedule around them and work, if I were to go to a facility.

    James Walker
  • The Florida Board of Professional Engineers showed you on it’s a list of CEU suppliers, I am now stationed in Iraq…. Great program to renew my PE license

    Roy – Halliburton
  • the ability to take at home at my pace, i thought all material were useful and valid, since this was my first course, I really couldn't say other than keep it available! Also I feel the simple ability of paying on-line is really the way to go.........

    Bob Boone, City of Daytona Beach
  • This course was precisely written in great detail with examples Great!! Also in paragraph format which makes review easy and allows scrolling to review and connect subject matter........

    Jeffrey Lindstrom
  • I like the sense that it directly applied to my work, I also liked the ease with which it was presented, so as I could work at my own pace…

    David Pope
  • Congratulations, I really like the on-line availability and the direct reporting of earned ceu’s to the state…………

  • ..........again, I just want to say this site is awesome and convenient

    Army Guardsman in North Carolina
  • Thanks for the reminder. You guys are great and I will definitely use you again. I love the courses and working hard!

    Tanya in Indiana
  • Support, Thank You for your fast response and help, very professional

    Jim Christopher
  • I think CEU Plan is outstanding, I‘m stationed in Okinawa Japan with the Air Force at a remote location, your web site has allowed me to keep my water license current. It‘s critical for me as I will retire in 7 months in Wyoming and my current license just adds to my resume.

    Susan Devereaux
  • I like CEU Plan as I am living over seas and it offers me a way to continue my education………

    David - Wyoming
  • the program is better than just sitting in a seminar and not learning anything..here I learned something

    James Gifford
  • My co-wokers and I really appreciate CEU plan and the tool it has become for us to learn. Please continue to add courses that will help us stay up to date.

    James Freitas
  • The CEU plan is great! I did not know about it until last week. We have a disabled daughter so this is an excellent way for me to earn the CEC credits that are required to keep my Certified Water Operator license and still be at home to care for our daughter.

    N/A - to protect the operator - this is why we are here!
  • Excellent plan, great on gas mileage

    Paul Gasperson
  • The CEU Plan is user friendly and the information given was very much in depth. It helped me get CEU hours without leaving my place of employment. As far as getting better I thought overall you offered a variety of subjects with helpful material.

    William Rucker
  • This was a very well developed course. There was a lot of very good information without getting too deep in the chemistry and manufacturing. Best course yet. I will certainly try another of this author‘s courses.

    Cort Abney

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