Instructor Biography

Bill Edgar

Background and Experience

Bill Edgar

William Edgar is President of FUSE and the CEU Plan. He has been involved in the water and wastewater treatment industry for over 39 years with experience in the construction and repair of existing treatment facilities, operation and emergency preparedness for stormwater pumping systems, design - built regional biosolids and treatment facilities, and involved in operator training since 1977.

He graduated from Arkansas State University with a B.S. in business Administration and minors in Marketing and Business Psychology. Edgar is a Chair of the WEF Professional Development Committee and former Chair of the Water Environment Federation Disinfection Committee, active member of the WEF Program Committee, and coordinating various Specialty Disinfection Workshops and Conferences. Edgar has been involved with various manufacturers developing inventive approaches to their systems and equipment, receiving patentable processes. His involvement has been recognized locally and nationally developing a global network, along with his FUSE Pilot Test Team division working with various Universities and Research Centers providing the latest in emerging technologies for the water and wastewater treatment industry. Edgar serves on the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Certification Board and the State of Florida Construction Licensing Board - Item Writer for the Certified General and Mechanical License Exams.

Courses Taught
Accounting 101
Accounting 102
Lift Station Repair
Nuts, Bolts, & Gaskets - an Introduction
Operator Certification Intro
Package Wastewater Treatment Plants
Pipe, Valve, and Fittings
Pipe, Valve, and Fittings - an introduction
Plastic Piping Systems - Overview
Procedures for UV Pilot Testing
Pumps - an introduction