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Tom Hofer

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Tom Hofer

Thomas J. Hofer is a retired U.S. Army officer and intelligence professional, whose government career spanned nearly 40 years including 10 years with CIA as a clandestine operations officer and instructor. 
Tom held a variety of leadership positions in the Armed Forces and CIA, planning and managing intelligence operations overseas and domestically.   He is well versed in cybersecurity and data privacy, currently serving as the Data Protection Officer for a European cloud computer company wtih offices in the USA. 
Tom previously spent 5 years as a high school classroom teacher and college adjunct professor with Florida State University in Panama, followed by a stint as an instructor at CIA’s training facility.
Tom is a fluent speaker of multiple foreign languages and served operationally in over 24 countries.  Tom resides in Tampa, FL and is also CEO/President of his own consulting firm.

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Courses Taught
Advanced Leadership Skills for Utility Operators
Advanced Time Management Skills for Utility Professionals
Basic Leadership Skills for Utility Supervisors
Basic Time Management Skills for Utility Professionals
Data & Risk Assessment - Overview for 2024
Data Protection and Privacy Issues of the 2020s
Data Protection for Utility Operators
Developing and Implementing a Utility Security Plan
Employing the ISO 27001 Standard - Security Aspects for Utility Plants Checklist
Ethics in the Utility Workplace
Information Security and Cybersecurity Issues
Information Security for Utility Managers
Information Security for Utility Professionals
Physical Infrastructure Security Planning
Privacy Act - Data Protection - GDPR Essentials
Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Planning for Utility Professionals