Instructor Biography

Rich Varalla

Background and Experience

Rich Varella

Rich Varalla is Vice President of Tripac Fasteners and has been with them for 14 years. Prior to Tripac, Rich was involved in procurement of fasteners in the oil and gas industry. His experience in corrosion and proper material applications for fasteners is very extensive. Rich shares some his experience with students in a two part course: Nuts, Bolts, and Gaskets.

In his current position, he is responsible for the technical training of the end-users, works with engineering to provide the proper ASTM specifications for fasteners and corrosion control applications, attends over 20 water - wastewater shows annually, and presents his flange bolting seminars many times over a year. These seminars have been approved for continued education units in water - wastewater and are highly attended.

Rich has 18 years working in the Water Works Industry, 17 years as an AWWA member and a WASDA member for 8. He is a member of the National Rural Water Works and past associate board member for Nevada Rural Water. He is also a member of WEF and past chair for Cal/Nev AWWA Operations and Maintenance. Rich involved with various water utilities from east coast to west coast as well as Alaska and Hawaii and Guam.

Courses Taught
Nuts, Bolts, & Gaskets - part one