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Toni Glymph-Martin

Background and Experience

Toni Glymph

"Toni" Glymph-Martin is a certified wastewater treatment plant operator with more than 12 years of actual hands on wastewater treatment system experience and has spent more than 22 years conducting microscopic evaluations and troubleshooting wastewater treatment system upsets. She has conducted over 100 Wastewater Microbiology workshops including, Wastewater Microbiology and Process Control, Filamentous Bacteria Identification and Control, Lagoon Treatment System Microbiology, Algae Identification in Wastewater Treatment Lagoons, Slime Bulking & Foaming and The Use of Staining in Wastewater Microbiology Process Control. She continues to conduct an average of 12 workshops each year.

Toni has gained national recognition as an expert in wastewater microbiology. She is the recipient of the State of Wisconsin John C. Brogan Award for Outstanding Environmental Achievement for her work in assisting operators to achieve and maintain compliance of treatment system requirements. She has also received national praise for her work with wastewater treatment plant operators in training sessions and through one-on-one technical assistance. She is widely regarded as a top expert in her field and an excellent teacher, and has the ability to forge connections with her audiences. She is asked many times each year to teach wastewater treatment courses for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other state and national organizations.

Also the recipient of the USEPA National "Spark Plug Award" for Operator Trainers, a prize presented to the person or group that is at the forefront of the Operator Training Program and has made positive things happen to ensure the program'continuation. Her nominating party notes, Toni's work with treatment plants results directly in improved performance of the plant, and therefore, improved water quality in our state." Russ Martin from EPA headquarters states, "She dedicates her whole self to an issue and has given wastewater operators help in understanding the microbiology of what makes their plant work."

In addition to onsite assistance, Toni conducts microscopic evaluations on wastewater samples she receives from treatments systems located throughout the United States. She is also called upon by wastewater treatment system design engineers and consultants for assistance in designing treatment system components that favor the growth of microorganisms best suited to treating wastewater.

Toni just completed her first in a series of handbooks for operators entitled, Wastewater Microbiology: A Handbook for Operators. The handbook can be used to effectively manage the bacterial process at the treatment plant. Color photos and illustrations are included within the book and on a supplemental CD-ROM for quick identification under the microscope.

Courses Taught
Filamentous Bacteria & Process Control
Identification and Control of Filamentous Bacteria
Wastewater Microbiology & Process Control - Introduction to
Wastewater Microbiology & Process Control - part one
Wastewater Microbiology & Process Control - part two