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In 1947, the CDC began its' history of success in disease prevention with the national disease-elimination strategy against malaria. Since then, the Center for Disease Control has investigated over 3,000 disease outbreaks including Legionnaires' disease, toxic shock syndrome, Reye's syndrome, Ebola, hemorrhage fever, hantavirus, pulmonary syndrome, and many food borne and waterborne diseases.

Each year, the Center for Disease Control is instrumental in accurately tracking flu stains around the globe, and as a World Health Organization Collaborating Center in using sophisticated techniques to provide scientific data essential for annually updating influenza vaccine.  In addition, CDC plays a major role in the worldwide eradication of smallpox in 1977 and partner in the massive immunization campaigns, on the verge of globally eradicating polio.

Courses under this category are designed to provide educational and knowledgeable studies which the CDC have produced for the water and wastewater treatment plant operator.  It is the intent of these courses to provide a better understanding of the CDC and a network in order to exchange breakthroughs from  the CDC research and studies.

Courses Taught
CDC Organization - Introduction to the
Health Concerns of Public Interest