Instructor Biography

Jeff Pugh

Background and Experience

J. Pugh

Jeff is a chemist by profession, having experience in design, construction, operation, and troubleshooting of pilot to industrial-size membrane systems including RO, membrane softening, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration (mostly in non-traditional applications).

He specializes in mineral scale formation and inhibition and  fouling and performance restoration of membrane systems. He has experience with other water treatment techniques including ion exchange, sorption and chemical treatment. He has managed R&D, Technical, and Analytical laboratories. He is a member of several professional organizations, has been published in various technical journals, and lectures frequently.

Courses Taught
Analytical Chemistry Techniques
Arsenic Rule
BC - Basic Chemistry: complete series
BC: Analytical Chemistry
BC: Atoms & Molecules
BC: Chemical Bonding
BC: Chemical Nomenclature
BC: Nuclear Decay
BC: Solubility
BC: States of Matter
BC: Water Purification
Consumer Confidence Report and Public Notification Rules
Disinfectants and Disinfection By-Products Rule
Dye Tracing of the Path of Water
Enhanced Coagulation
Hydrologic Cycle and Aquifers - Introduction to the
Ion Exchange
Ion Exchange Resin Troubleshooting
Lead and Copper Rule
Membrane Separations
Membrane Troubleshooting
Nitrate/Nitrite Rule
Reverse Osmosis
Revised Total Coliform Rule
Settling and Clarification
Watersheds and Riversheds - Introduction to
WTT - Water Treatment Techniques: Complete Series
WTT: Distillation
WTT: Filtration
WTT: Ion Exchange
WTT: Membrane Separation
WTT: Settling and Clarification