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Bill Miller

Background and Experience

Bill Miller

In the early 1970s Bill moved to Florida, where he was a Treatment Plant Operator, Chief Chemist, Water and Sewer Superintendent, and manager for a major chemical manufacturer.

Miller received a BS degree in Geology with Honors from City University of New York, also he, received a BS in Chemistry from St. Thomas University of Miami, Florida, and lastly received a MS in Geochemistry from City University of New York. Miller maintained a Class "A" Water License, until his retirement.

Miller has a selection of Operator Handbooks available for sale, including:

  • Chemical Oxidation, 141 page bound manual providing a 'how to' and 'Where to find it' concerning Engineering and Chemistry, along with Applications to Chemical Oxidation. The manual is available, postage paid @ $ 34.95
  • Corrosion, 70 page bound manual providing fundamental, corrosion of structures, corrosion of pipes, and 'where to find it directory'.  The manual is available, postage paid @ $ 23.95

For either book, send check or money order to:

William H. Miller PO Box 692426 Orlando, FL 32869

Courses Taught
Corrosion Control
Oxidation in Water/Wastewater